What We Do

Design & RnD

It starts here

With a team of in-house PCBA and housing designers, DOMO is well equipped with delivering ODM as well as OEM orders. The in-house designers ensure that the mainboard is designed to perfection, eliminating any wastage of components and raw materials. We are proud to have fulfilled customized requirements of our clients which was only possible due to our strong PCBA and Housing design team.

Our R&D team ensures that we innovate and regularly roll out new devices with better features, helping us deliver our promise of being the best in class yet affordable. DOMO tries to deliver only the best to its customers.

Make In India
The Lion is roaring

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Travelling around the globe the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign is gaining popularity and pitching India to all new Audiences. The Roaring Lion of the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign is now the new symbol of “DIGITAL INDIA”. DOMO Gadgets, the successful runner in the field of tablets, virtual reality, smartphones and various accessories is accentuating towards the Indian Governments initiative of “Start-up India” and helping India soon to be a manufacturing hub. With its first factory setup in Mumbai, DOMO plans on expanding its units across the nation.

MAKE IN INDIA campaign has fired up DOMO’s imagination of a Digital India with Brain Gain, Skill Development and Strong Design and R&D capabilities in this diverse nation.

Customer Support, Servicing and Logistics
We care!

Through its logistics partners, DOMO has a reach of over 1600 PIN Codes PAN India. This strong PAN India reach enables us to reach customers even in Tier 3 cities, ensuring quick pickup and deliveries from customer’s end, ensuring great after sales support. Customers no longer have to visit service centre and stand in long queues. They simply have to call us or email us or just log online and request a pickup. To the delight of the customer, they will get door step service.

At DOMO we believe in ‘Customer First’ Policy. We believe in providing customers with life long support and try to make spares available at affordable prices even for products which are discontinued.

Our online ticketing system ensures customers are in complete control of the communications they have with our executives and also automatically escalates any unattended complains to the relevant support manager.

Distribution, Supply, Gifting & OEM Services
Catering to end users and corporate's

DOMO is setting up its own distribution setup in India, soon in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Middle East and other regions. We are delighted to have welcomed a good number of new distributors and dealers to the DOMO family. Several are entering the business and industry for the first time, while others are seasoned distributors. They have been consistently delivering a unique bundle of services, and are willing and able to invest the time, money and energy in promoting DOMO as their own brand. As a result we have seen our distributors and dealers emerge as being successful and are able to differentiate themselves from the competition and do not compete using price as a primary differentiator.

At DOMO we understand that no one player in the channel is independent. The manufacturer, distributor and dealer are ’interdependent’. Each is obligated to bring a relevance to the table, and that relevance must be viewed as a solution to at least one of the other members in the channel.

DOMO has also setup a simple yet efficient network of distribution for online sales through eCommerce portals – a trend which we are proud to have initiated. This simple system gives wider access of our products to the consumers, even in Tier 3 cities.

Apart from doing customized orders and fulfilling gifting for corporate clients, we even cater as OEM for brands looking to buy our products and put their branding on it. With our expertise in manufacturing and right product selection, businesses can rest assured they are in safe hands. 

eRetailing - DOMO
Online Store

DOMO.IN is an official online DOMO store, hosted on dedicated servers that allows customers to purchase DOMO products anytime and from anywhere. Customers can pay via Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery (COD), Cheque, Demand Draft and with a strong logistics tieup, customers are delivered orders on time — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Visit https://www.DOMO.in to purchase from us directly!

Local Stores - Gadgeto
Offline Retail Chain

Gadgeto is DOMO’s idea of a market place for multiple brands of telecom and IT products. Customers can browse through and purchase products according to their requirements. This concept of retail stores is being currently implemented and is in the tie-up phases with a lot of retailers. Initiated in Mumbai, Gadgeto is expected to spread Pan India.