About Us

DOMO Gadgets Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed, Multi Division Organization with its corporate headquarters in Mumbai and a network of regional offices and affiliates across the country. The company has interests that span across manufacturing, servicing and distribution of gadgets.

Established in February 2011, DOMO is fast growing into a reputed brand in the market. With experience in the gadget industry spanning a couple of decades, DOMO Gadgets Pvt. Ltd has just been rewrapped in a fresh new avatar.


DOMO has been built on a solid foundation of research, innovation and a customer-first policy. DOMO believes in providing customers with life long support. With fun-for-the-people on its agenda, Team DOMO always strives to give the best. Allow us to DO MOre!

- Established business relationship with over 14 Online Portals and a growing family of distributors and dealers.

- DOMO is headed by directors and top level executives with expertise in the electronic industry spanning over 20 years. With past experience ranging from chip-level R&D to managing retail stores, coupled with excellent grasp and knowledge of selling online and offline, they are geared up to take DOMO to the next level. They have successfully proved their worth in the ecommerce business, garnering several achievements and acknowledged by the gurus of the industry. Selling huge volumes of IT products, they have been rewarded for their exceptional work even in channel marketing.

DOMO’s market strategy:

  • Customizing IT and Telecom products to suit requirements of corporate firms for their internal consumption
  • Targeting Indian consumers with the right Telecom and IT products, having a perfect balance of features and price for personal consumption
  • Eying the international market with a blend of features and a strong channel of distribution
  • Selling to end-consumers under the DOMO brand, through all the major online portals and a strong channel of offline distributors.
  • Direct sales and custom making IT and Telecom products for other brands (as OEM)
  • Providing expertise to other brands for designing PCBA and lending R&D